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How are you paying it forward when you shop with us?

  For every pair of earrings that you buy with Auricle, we send a pair to a local centre to gift to survivors of sexual violence. How does it work? For you it is a very simple process: buy earrings. Done. You have just donated the same number of earrings to survivors. If you want to go the extra step, you can write a little note that I will send along with the donations. The note can be a sentence, a paragraph, or a whole letter. You can read more about Support Post here.   What does Auricle do to get the earrings to the shelter? I usually wait until there are about 40 or so pairs to send. I then...

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Books about badass women you'll want to read too

The point is, so many women have been omitted from history and we often need to actively seek out information about them. My mother, a badass woman herself, raised me to be feminist and kept me supplied with books about women and their achievements when I was growing up. As an adult, this tradition has not stopped, and two of the four books I want to tell you about today were gifts from Mom.  Here are four books about badass women you should have on your shelves.

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