End of Year Update (2020)

End of Year Update (2020)

The Ella Earrings New Year Sparkle


Yep this year has been full of unexpected turns. Instead of focussing on the bad however, I'd like to think about the positives that have come out of 2020.


In the beginning of the year, Auricle could be found at the Stockbridge Maker's Market. This was just prior to lockdown, so there were few visitors, but it was great for me to get my feet wet and get the word out there.


Since then, things have actually gotten better for Auricle! I am so proud to say that we have donated over 100 pairs of earrings to survivors of sexual abuse now. You have been absolutely brilliant! 


Auricle's website had a makeover (actually several), and her packaging got an update (Did I just refer to my business as a her? Yes. Yes I did). 


As a new, small, online business it can be really tough. It can be tough to get started, to even know where to to begin. It can be tough to work out the kinks and quirks of your website. It can be tough telling people that you even exist. But you reading this know about Auricle. You know what we stand for and the difference we want to make in people's lives and that is what matters.


So thank you. Thank you for your support.

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