Gifts for Survivors

"Thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind and generous gesture.  We are delighted to accept your gift of the 60 beautiful pairs of earrings, which have just arrived this morning.  It’s such a thoughtful gesture and we truly appreciate the gift to our survivors, especially at this time of Covid.

Thank you so much."

- Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre


For every pair of earrings that you buy , we make and donate a pair to women experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence. You can make a difference and make someone smile!⁠

⁠Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and special. Surviving should not mean living off the cast-offs of our lives. It should be thriving.

Let's help survivors shine again by gifting them beautiful expressions of themselves

A Note on Our Earrings

We use unique gemstones and handcraft every pair. This means, that sometimes the stones will be slightly different from one another, making each pair truly one of a kind.