About Us

Earrings inspired by powerful women.

We want to make every woman feel beautiful and special.

At Auricle we create beautiful, unique, and artisan earrings for you to wear and feel empowered in. Earrings are a way to express our personality; we show the world who we really are with our accessories. Many women feel naked without earrings, even if they wear little other jewellery. 

Each pair is handmade in Edinburgh with love, thought, and care. Each pair is inspired by and dedicated to amazing and powerful women. 

We want you to express your amazing, clever, kind, fun, and unique personality. Short of following you around with a big, bright neon sign and shouting "LOOK AT THIS AMAZING WOMAN!", we'll settle for accessorising you. I think that will work better for both of us...

The name was inspired by my love for anatomy and physiology, and after picking a name everything else just fell into place.

Support Our Sisters

For every pair of earrings that you buy , we make and donate a pair to women experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence. You can make a difference and make someone smile!⁠

⁠Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and special. Surviving should not mean living off the cast-offs of our lives. It should be thriving. By gifting her a beautiful pair of earrings we are telling her 

You are beautiful
You are strong
You are worthy
You deserve love, compassion, and care

Let's help survivors shine again by gifting them beautiful expressions of themselves. 


About Us

About Me

My name is Danny. I have confession to make: I am not actually a business owner. Well, not JUST a business owner. I am also a scientist, working towards my PhD in neuroendocrinology. Auricle is my other passion and I hope you'll agree - it's a pretty darn good one.

​I am originally from Austria (born and raised in Vienna!), but you'd never be able to guess. I was raised by an American mother and Austrian father, so my accent is generic American. At least it was for the first 18 years of my life. I then moved to Scotland for Uni (any Aberdeen Alumni here?) in 2011 - and never left. So now my accent is still generic American, but with weird and wonderful Scottish twangs and words. It confuses everyone - even me sometimes!

I now live, love, and work in Edinburgh with my amazingly supportive other half Cameron and the three cutest dogs in the world (don't bother trying to change my mind on this fact - I will die on this hill. Go see for yourselves: Sid & Charlie & Harry).

I started Auricle because I love making people smile. Being able to empower other women is even more special to me.

I am also a survivor and I feel empowered by lifting other survivors up. I hope that with Auricle I can help a woman's light shine bright and strong. 

If she shines, we all shine.

Watch my story here