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The Regine

The Regine

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 Discover our exclusive earrings inspired by the innovative achievements of Regine Kapeller-Adler, a brilliant Austrian Jewish biochemist renowned for her groundbreaking method in pregnancy detection. Despite being forced to leave Vienna in 1938, she persevered and furthered her impactful research at the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Animal Genetics. Honour her extraordinary legacy with our distinctive earrings that embody her scientific advancements and unwavering determination.

  • Yellow aventurine beads
  • Pressed glass beads
  • Made with gold-plated hypoallergenic steel earring hooks
    • Sensitive option: 9ct gold hooks
    • Clip-on option: iron clips

Explore our collection of exquisite, hand-crafted earrings from Edinburgh- a symbol of love and empowerment. Each pair is a beautiful testament to skilled craftsmanship and is thoughtfully created by local artists. Join us in our mission of compassion - for every pair you purchase, another is donated to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Wear your earrings with pride, knowing you're making a difference and helping someone feel valued and beautiful. Browse our selection now and become a part of this empowering movement.

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