Books about badass women you’ll want to read too

Books about badass women you'll want to read too

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When I was in school, my classes did not cover the achievements of many women. When I was at uni, we had an end of degree event, where our lecturers arranged a pub quiz. One of the sections was about notable Scottish scientists. All men. My friend and I started banging on the table and shouting "WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?!". Yeah- we were super popular... 

The point is, so many women have been omitted from history and we often need to actively seek out information about them. My mother, a badass woman herself, raised me to be feminist and kept me supplied with books about women and their achievements when I was growing up. As an adult, this tradition has not stopped, and two of the four books I want to tell you about today were gifts from Mom.


Here are four books about badass women you should have on your shelves.


1. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

This is actually is children's book, but that just makes it even better, in my opinion. Including women from all different walks of life, this book contains a short description of each woman accompanied by lovely illustrations created by different artists. It has now become a book series.

You can buy it here or here

2. Women In Science - Rachel Ignotofski 

Okay, this one is also a children's book. The illustrations in the one are charming. As you might imagine, this book is focussed solely on women in science. I remember opening this book for the first time and getting really excited that some of my unknown favourites were included (like Maria Sibylla Merian or Rita Levi Montalcini). As I write this, I have just discovered that she has since published a Women in Art and Women in Sport in the same style and I can't wait to read them!

Here is Rachel's website. Here is where you can buy the book.

3. Warriors and Witches, and Damn Rebel Bitches - Mairi Kidd

This is a new addition (thanks, Mom!) and I am already in love! This book is all about badass Scottish women. You can look forward to some earrings inspired by these ladies - just add to my ever growing list of earrings to make. 

You can buy it here

4. Great Jewish Women - Elinor and Robert Slater

Also a gift from Mom - I think this is maybe a hint to become a Great Jewish Woman too... 

This book is definitely geared toward adults, with a lot more information on each woman and photographs rather than illustrations. It is a wonderful read and I the first thing I did when I got it was check the index to see who was in it. While many names jumped out at me, many were unknown.

You can buy it here.


And that's it! That's my current list of books you should have on your coffee table on badass women.


Do you have any recommendations for coffee table books about women? Tag us @shopauricle in your posts on twitter, facebook, or instagram so we can see your books!

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