What part of Auricle do I struggle with with most?

What part of Auricle do I struggle with with most?

Anxious Danny| Auricle


Anyone who has ever done it will tell you that starting a business is tough. Starting Auricle has been a steep learning curve. There are so many steps between wanting to sell earrings and running a successful online business. I am a scientist - not a business person! What skills do I have that are relevant to starting a business? Well, one pretty major one: passion.

I am passionate about science. I am passionate about amplifying women's voices. I am passionate about women in science. 

That was a great place to start. The first earrings I made were dedicated to women in science. 

But that only got me so far. Through trial and error, I created a website that was the best possible interface for my customers. I learned how to do product photography and have been improving. I have found Auricle's voice for videos and blogs. 

I still have no idea what I am doing. 

The thing that I struggle with the most is social media. How do I let you, random instagram scroller, know that I am a real person behind Auricle? That I have hopes and dreams and fears and anxiety. I want to connect with you. I think sometimes we are all in danger of falling into that internet pit of "everything must be sunshine and rainbows". I want to keep it real with you guys. 

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