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The Marie

The Marie

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Discover our Marie Curie-Inspired Earrings: A Tribute to the Trailblazing Scientist with Two Nobel Prizes. Celebrate the groundbreaking contributions of Marie Curie, the renowned scientist who achieved two Nobel prizes for her pioneering work in radioactivity. These unique earrings are adorned with green glass beads, symbolising her remarkable discoveries in the realm of radioactive elements. Our Marie Curie-inspired collection captures the essence of scientific innovation and achievement, perfect for those who admire the legacy of this extraordinary scientist. Add a touch of scientific brilliance to your collection with these beautifully crafted, Curie-inspired earrings.
  • Silver-plated brass chains, with silver-lined green glass beads 
  • Made with 925 Sterling silver earring hooks
    • Sensitive option: surgical steel hooks
    • Clip-on option: iron clips

Discover Handcrafted Artisan Earrings from Edinburgh: A Symbol of Love and Empowerment. Each pair of our unique, locally-made earrings is a testament to beauty and craftsmanship. With every purchase, join our mission of compassion – for every pair sold, we donate another to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Wear your earrings with pride, knowing you're helping someone feel beautiful and special. Shop now and be a part of this empowering movement.

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